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The Psychology of Coffee

Coffee: My muse, my addiction, my vice. I didn’t come to love coffee until college. I needed it to survive my 8:00 AM English course. Did anyone else do the head bob in college? You know, when you fall asleep, but catch yourself and jerk your head up so hard it gives you a bit of a headache? So yes, I found coffee and it was love at first sip. A [Super] Brief History Coffee was discovered in 400 AD in Ethiopia. It was used by monks during late night prayers at the monastery. Talk and trade happened and it moved to the Arabian Peninsula. With thousands of travelers visiting Mecca, coffee overflowed worldwide. Biology & Process Coffee beans actually grow in berries. I didn’t know this until I

What is Educational Psychology?

It’s currently what I am getting my Ph.D. in. More than a few times, people have inquired, what exactly is Educational Psych? According to the APA (American Psychological Association, the regulation-setter of all things psychology), the study of Educational Psychology focuses on learning, teaching, and academic research. Learning includes: human development (10 year olds learn differently than 20 year olds) cognitive ability (not just in age, but developmental disables as well) memory (how does one acquire knowledge and recall at a later time) learning styles (visual, aural, verbal, physical – one person may learn better through hands-on projects, while another may enjoy reading or writing)

The Psychology of Sexism in the Workplace

I recently met an amazing lady through mutual friends. We hit it off right away as we have similar confident, hard-working, but laid back personalities. Many of our conversations have revolved around social climates and, in particular, women. She shares my love of research and mentioned a recent Princeton study about sexism in theater. “In theater?!”, was my initial, surprised reaction. Isn’t theater and the arts progressive and women driven? Well, I caught myself in a stereotype there. I have another girlfriend who told me she’s starting to keep a log of sexist acts she experiences at her workplace. Again, I was staggered; she’s successful, easy to get along with, and I know she has man

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