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My plan for this blog is to discuss popular (or unpopular) concepts and theories in psychology by relating them to my own life stories, as well as others.  I hope to bring a humorous and real side to the sometimes mysterious and misunderstood world of psychology.

I hope this blog teaches, inspires, motivates, and encourages second thoughts and critical thinking.  I hope it is shared and discussed.  I hope this blog strengthens abilities, and challenges them.  I hope it pushes envelopes and brings people into a place, if even for a short time, of comfort and understanding. Most of all, I hope you join me in this, as I expect all the same for myself.



Real Life Psych Author



Real Life Psych Author

Angela is currently a Mental Health Practitioner and Adjunct Psychology Professor. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.

Her wide variety of professional and personal experiences has influenced her curiosity for people.

Professional experiences include: Mental health therapist (specialized in adolescents), ABA therapist for children with autism, associate at halfway house for those with chemical addictions, associate at independent living for adult's with developmental disabilities, advocate for homeless women displaced by domestic abuse, and the list goes on.

Angela is available for educational consults, speaking engagements, and other opportunities. She in located in Minneapolis, MN.

Please contact her at

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