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The Psychology of Moving

Dorm rooms, to apartments, to a duplex, to a town-home, and finally to a house. Is all this moving normal in your 20’s? This has been my experience in the last 10 years. As I get ready to move again, I find myself a lot less anxious than that first move to college. Honestly (and you’ll get a lot of honesty in this blog), I cried when my parents dropped me off in that teeny tiny dorm room. This time around (my 11th move in 10 years? I’ve lost count…), I’m pretty excited. I get to live with some amazing people while looking to purchase a house of my own. House hunting is thrilling, exhausting, and a little terrifying by the way, but that’s another post. ^ A picture of me shortly after I mo

Welcome to Real Life Psych

My first blog post. I guess I should start by explaining why, exactly, I’m starting, and what I hope this blog will do. I’m currently working towards my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. The school I attend is based online, but we are required to attend three physical dissertation “tracks” which are held around the country every quarter. No, I don’t physically run around these tracks; my mind does, but not me. Ask anyone: I do not run. I recently attended my second track down in Dallas, TX where I learned an insane amount, not only about psychology and research, but also about others, and myself. I came away with a whole new sense of motivation and inspiration. Yes, these tracks are desig

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