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Welcome to Real Life Psych

My first blog post.

I guess I should start by explaining why, exactly, I’m starting, and what I hope this blog will do.

I’m currently working towards my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. The school I attend is based online, but we are required to attend three physical dissertation “tracks” which are held around the country every quarter. No, I don’t physically run around these tracks; my mind does, but not me. Ask anyone: I do not run.

I recently attended my second track down in Dallas, TX where I learned an insane amount, not only about psychology and research, but also about others, and myself. I came away with a whole new sense of motivation and inspiration. Yes, these tracks are designed to help you focus on your dissertation, and I did. In fact, I am much more confident in my topic and research methodology than before I came in. However, this new found enthusiasm has me wanting to branch out even more. Thus, THE BLOG!

Let me introduce myself a bit more: I’m a 29 year old, single, Caucasian woman, with one furbaby. I come from a middle class family in a college town in Minnesota, and currently live in Minneapolis (not St. Paul – there is a big difference, ask any Minnesotan). I work full time as an advisor at a University, I teach a couple introductory psychology courses at another University, and I attend online courses working toward my Ph.D. If that doesn’t keep me busy, I spend time with family and friends, travel, attempt to date, and enjoy the little things in life.

I’ve had my fair share of challenging experiences, many of which I hope to share in this blog. In recent lighting, maybe it’s the current political climate, or use of social media, or maybe just part of growing up, I’ve come to notice my privilege more too. That’s just one of the things I hope to challenge myself and others with this blog.

My plan for this blog is to discuss popular (or unpopular) concepts and theories in psychology by relating them to my own life stories, as well as others. I hope to bring a humorous and real side to the sometimes mysterious and misunderstood world of psychology.

I hope this blog teaches, inspires, motivates, and encourages second thoughts and critical thinking. I hope it is shared and discussed. I hope this blog strengthens abilities, and challenges them. I hope it pushes envelopes and brings people into a place of comfort and understanding, if even for a short time. Most of all, I hope you join me in this, as I expect all the same for myself.


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