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The Psychology of Essential Oils

I’m sure you have heard of them by now: essential oils. Scented oils that are basically guaranteed to help with things like anxiety, stress, depression, balance, even arthritis, by putting oils in a diffuser or rolling them right on your body. Ever since essential oils started to become popular in the recent years, I was skeptical. My initial response, before even trying them, was that this must be a placebo effect: people think and believe they work, and so they do (ah, the power of the mind). However, the more I heard people swearing by them, the more tempted I was to try them out myself (ah, the power of persuasion). My Experience My thoughts going in: excited, but skeptical. I work with

The Psychology of Witnessing Trauma

It’s been a tough week. I went back and forth about the lens I wanted to take with this blog post concerning the Las Vegas shooting. I wrote my initial post on Tuesday, and when I went back to edit it I could see my emotions all over the page. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As I first wrote, emotions are often a catalyst for action and change. However, expressing my emotions the way I did in my first draft was not going to result in what I want for this blog. So here I go again. We were all witness to a community trauma Sunday, October 1st. Even if you weren’t there, you saw the news, heard others talking, and probably read some impassioned social media posts the next day. What happened

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