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The Psychology of Pets

I like to call my dog, Murray, a “foster fail”. He and his brother were supposed to be temporary, until I helped find them their forever home. His brother was adopted within a week, but Murray needed a little surgery before he was able to be adopted as well. A week later I was in love with the little guy and couldn’t give him up. Three years later, he’s still my best friend. Pets have been part of the human experience for a long time; even ancient Egyptians had domesticated cats and dogs! Other parts of human history have shown worship of domesticated animals. Dogs were used as guards for kings, fish were kept in tubs before fish bowls, and when across sea travels began, birds, cats, even

The Psychology of Selective Mutism

Selective what?! Yeah, this isn't the most popular DSM diagnosis, and actually, not one I have studied much more than a week or two in grad school. However, it recently hit me right in the face. An article came out in my parents’ local newspaper about a child diagnosed with selective mutism and her and her mother’s mission to inspire others to be brave in overcoming such adversity. Upon further investigation of this amazing story, I found the child’s mother was none other than my old studio dance teacher and one of my biggest mentors when I was a child. I immediately reached out to her and asked if she and her daughter would be willing to share more about their story. She immediately agreed.

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